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Encouraging Healthy Eating

Learning about nutrition is very important at TLN. The school encourages healthy foods and follows a nutritional snack plan at mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Food is a very important part of a child’s experience here in The Learning Nest. Preparing food, setting the table, and cleaning up are all exciting events for the children. Sharing a meal with friends supports your child’s development in many positive ways. A younger child’s sense of well-being and independence is stimulated through involvement with food preparation. Sharing food with friends builds many fundamental skills, such as the enhancement of language and the development of mealtime conversation. Serving food onto one’s very own plate is a heady experience. Tasting new foods that have been prepared by friends is always an adventure.

Child eating fresh food

Fresh Options

In an effort to curb the effects of allergic reactions, TLN is a peanut-free environment.

We offer the option to provide lunch for our students with our caterer, Candela Gourmet. Every meal is made fresh each morning and delivered to the students in individually-packaged containers.