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Music Curriculum

TLN uses Sanford Jones’s music curriculum as an extension of our music program. This is a comprehensive and developmentally-based program of music and movement. It incorporates use of the bells, which allows the child to engage in musical exploration and work during the work cycles.

“Today, more than ever before, with the increased emphasis of technology, music and movement are vital ingredients not only to the wholeness of the developing child, but to the very preservation of culture, through poetry, music and movement.” Sanford Jones


Our Program

  • Listening: ear-training activities to awaken the faculty of active listening and music appreciation.
  • Movement: the experience and language of movement: parts of the body, body moves, and locomotor steps; use of space, force and time; creative movement games and folk-dancing.
  • Singing: the development of the singing voice: breathing, posture, focus, diction, dramatic expression.
  • Percussion Instruments: using percussion band instruments for rhythmic accompaniment and understanding of rhythmic structure
  • Notation: the path to reading conventional notation on the treble staff, starting with simplified notation using the bells, moving into the work with the green boards and box of accessories, on to the notation patterns on the white boards, culminating with reading simple melodies.
children playing percussion instruments

Music in the Classroom

Children will enjoy music and movement every day in the classroom, either with the whole class, small groups, or individually. Through the lessons, children will explore jumping, even and uneven rhythms like walking and gallop, skipping, rhythmic activities, walking on the line, fames, songs, percussion instruments, etc. folk songs from around the world (complied for Sanford Jones) will enhance the young child’s appreciation of life, family, school, nature, seasons, etc.

About Sanford Jones

Sanford Jones is a co-founder of Youth Opera International Inc., together with his wife, Judy Jones. In addition to his extensive teaching experience, Mr. Jones is also a Montessori teacher trainer, workshop presenter, and consultant. He was the founding president of the North American Montessori Teacher’s Association (NAMTA) and also served as Executive Director of the Association Montessori Internationale, USA. In addition to working with thousands of students and directing over three hundred children’s opera performances, he has worked as consultant-in-residence and teacher trainer in the Savannah, George Public Montessori Programs since 1989.